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Meerkat Monday 25th May 2017 What do you mean Meerkats can’t be Support Workers? Well, I suppose they can’t reach door handles, or make food, or lift anything above our knees. Perhaps they can’t join the read more
Getting to know Autism by Danielle North 31st March 2017 We are about enter Autism Awareness Month. As such, we wanted to help spread the word to increase everyone’s knowledge and understanding. We will look at what Autism is.  H read more
Our most recent Newsletter for Forensic and Community... 8th March 2017 We are pleased to share with you the latest edition of the VP Complex Care newsletter.  Additionally, we have developed the very first edition of VP Forensic newsletter.  As w read more
National and World days. 2nd March 2017 This week has seen several important issues be recognised by having their own national day or even world day.  Our Admin team, Samantha Hearne and Toni Saxton, have shared with u read more
The Best Job in the World 7th February 2017 From my experience, it is the people that make the job. By surrounding yourself with good people, they can make the most mundane of jobs fun and meaningful. So, to have the best jo read more
The 12 days of VP Christmas Part 3 23rd December 2016 On the eighth day of Christmas we must provide to thee, a little optimism.   Imagine being fiercely independent, walking to work after leaving a safe family home for the last day read more
The 12 days of VP Christmas part 2 20th December 2016 On the fourth day of Christmas we support our clients to, express their views. The fourth day of Christmas refers to four calling birds and reminds us of the responsibility we have read more
The 12 Days of VP Christmas part 1 15th December 2016 On the first day of Christmas a Case Manager sent to VP, A Client with staffing needs.  For us here at VP, our story very much like the song for the 12 days of Christmas, begins a read more
#VPudsey 16th November 2016 On 15th November VP Forensic hosted a Children In Need event. Whilst many may think “not another charity fundraiser!” and although the initial aim of the day was to raise money read more
VP Supporting Children in Need 4th November 2016 VP are holding an event here at our Nottingham offices in order to raise money for CHILDREN IN NEED on Tuesday 15th November The main event of the day is a BEAT THE BOSS competit read more
VP Supported Holidays By Danielle North 24th October 2016 Now that Summer 2016 is well and truly over, the cold, wet wintery English weather is settling in, which gets us thinking about next years holidays in the sizzling hot sun. Whilst read more
Applying to join the VP Team 26th September 2016 Here’s what some of our staff say about working for VP: “Lovely support from Danielle… Danielle works hard and is always there to listen. Very comfortable talking to her” & read more
The importance of valuing your health and wellbeing... 2nd September 2016 Working within care is a very rewarding role, seeing the positive impact you have on the day to day lives of those you support is the reason many people take up a career as a Suppo read more
LATEST EDITION of the VP Newsletter is here……... 3rd August 2016 We are pleased to share with you our latest edition of the VP newsletter. Click to view in PDF. VP Care Newsletter Inside this welcome issue: Striving to deliver high quality suppo read more
Striving to deliver high quality support by Paula Ginty... 29th July 2016 We would like to share with you the feedback that we have received from one of our long standing clients with regards to our Team Leader heading up a support package that we have s read more
Conferences attended and booked 2016 10th June 2016 March is the start of exhibition season with May being important for the industry because of National Brain Injury Week. read more
Our new CQC Inspection report is out! 1st February 2016 We are pleased to be rated a Good service and would like to share some of the feedback with you! read more
Being Breast Aware by Samantha Harper 9th December 2015 In the UK every year 58,000 people are diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Sadly this means that every 10 minutes someone is told they have breast cancer. read more
Is Rugby Bad For Your Brain By Paula Ginty 9th October 2015 A recent documentary shown on BBC1 explored the possibility of brain damage in rugby players due to constant blows to the head. read more
Top tips for a good nights sleep (part 2) by Dr Shelley... 5th October 2015 In part 1, we looked at the importance of sleep and highlighted the first 6 of 13 top tips to improve your sleep and feel great. Here are the rest: read more
NEW EDITION VP Care Newsletter 10th September 2015 We are pleased to share with you our first edition new look newsletter! read more
Top tips for a good night’s sleep (part 1) by Dr. Shelley... 7th September 2015 We have all been there – lying awake, tossing and turning, the mind working overtime. It’s frustrating and makes us feel dreadful. read more
Conferences attended and booked 2015 13th April 2015 March is the start of exhibition season with May being important for the industry because of National Brain Injury Week. read more