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Our new CQC Inspection report is out!

1st February 2016

We are pleased to be rated a Good service and would like to share some of the feedback with you!

“The [staff] are so patient and well-mannered and I do feel very safe when they are here.”

“VP were recommended to us and they keep my [family member] safe at all times – I trust them completely.”

“The carers are always on time – they usually come early and there have never been any missed calls.”

“There have never been any staffing issues, not that I can remember and I have never heard the [staff] complaining about being short staffed.”

“Doesn’t matter where [my family member] wants to go they take [them].”

“I think because they send the same staff all the time reduces any risks quite a bit – they know exactly what needs to be done – the care is very individualised.”

“They’re on the other end of the phone if I ever need support. They really look after you.”

“The staff VP employ are really experienced and [people who use the service] are given a choice of male of female carer.”

“The carers will support the clients with whatever they want to do including any religious needs.”

“The carers are brilliant and so is the care. They do everything I need.”

Thank you to all our staff, management and branch staff for the fantastic work


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