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Providing support and development to our clients

We work with people on the Autistic Spectrum to develop their daily living skills and increase their independence and confidence to live in today’s society with minimal support. Our aim is to support clients to achieve their goals and live a meaningful and good quality life, whilst integrating into their community.

Being on the Autistic Spectrum can affect individuals in different ways, across the triad of impairments. We support people by taking time to get to know them as an individual, establish what their Autism means to them and how it affects both them and their family.

We take a holistic approach to care by understanding the reasons behind a person’s behaviour, rather than focussing on the behaviour itself. We support our clients to manage their difficulties and work towards adapting their environment to make this as fitting and as predictable as possible so our clients feel comfortable within the environment they are in.

Our team recognises that for support to work it’s vital to provide clients with consistency and familiarity in their support team. We employ staff with the right set of skills and provide comprehensive training and supervision to ensure the continuation of a knowledgeable and safe service. We work in partnership with those involved in a person’s support network to enhance consistency, continuity and confidence in our service to those who matter – clients and their families.