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Company history

Specialist services developed through experience and knowledge

Formed in 2001, we began as a specialist forensic nursing agency. Through our direct experience of working within secure services, it was clear that there was an urgent need for agency staff who were appropriately skilled and experienced, able to work effectively with the very vulnerable people they were responsible for caring for.

We also wanted to make a difference by improving the way our agency functioned. It was felt that traditional agencies did not listen enough to the needs of clients and were unable to tailor their services to meet individual client’s needs. Staff also felt they were not treated with suitable dignity and respect leading to them becoming demotivated and resulted in a high level of turnover. This left clients and services without the necessary consistency.

So we decided to do things differently. We used this experience and knowledge to develop a service that responds quickly and honest in terms of what can realistically be achieved within given timeframes.

We value committed staff and demonstrate this with excellent rates of pay and working conditions. As a result, we have team members who have worked with us for a number of years, who are valued by services for their knowledge, experience and reliability. All staff participate in a comprehensive training package as well as additional training required for specific clients. This ensures that staff are knowledgeable as well experienced.

In 2006 VP Complex Care was developed. We believed we could provide the same standard of service to those in the community. VP Care is concerned with caring for people with acquired brain injury, physical disability, mental health difficulties and learning disability in their own home. This brought with it inevitable challenges and again we endeavoured to listen to clients and their families, Case Managers, Solicitors etc. to provide a tailored service, making sure we included clients in their own care. It is extremely rewarding to be able to have a significant role in a client’s rehabilitation and be able to see their progress however small or large. Our aim is to help clients live a fulfilling and functional life according to their own aspirations, whilst ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

Over the years we have gained a reputation for providing high quality nurses and support workers to secure units, hospitals, rehabilitation units and community care packages throughout the UK. Our client base covers the NHS, primary care trusts, social services, case managers and privately owned companies. We work closely with clients and their team to deliver the services they need, when they are needed.

We realise the importance of caring for clients in a holistic way. Our experienced Branch Manager has many years’ experience working with vulnerable clients and is able to directly contribute to the individual’s rehabilitation plan. In addition, we have a Clinical Psychologist who helps our team to understand the client and their needs, allowing them to be more responsive. She also works with clients directly to reduce distress, develop new skills and function more effectively.

Our dedicated office team have also developed expertise within their area, allowing them to respond appropriately to queries and needs.

We strive to continually develop our service in order to provide an efficient and effective response to clients, their family and their team or service.

Recruitment compliance procedures:

DBS checks:

  • Employment history and references
  • Identity checks
  • Eligibility to work in the UK
  • NMC registration
  • Immunisation
  • Relevant experience
  • Competency based interviews

Ongoing compliance procedures:

  • Excellent CQC registration
  • Comprehensive and client specific staff training
  • Customer surveys
  • Staff feedback forms
  • Audits – internal and external
  • Audits by existing and prospective clients
  • Daily care reports
  • Regular supervision
  • Appraisals
  • Client visits
  • Assignment reports