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Mental health

Our recovery-focused assessment and care planning enables successful mental health management

Mental health is better understood today and treatment more successful. Clients should be supported to understand their mental health, and their right to support to manage and improve it. Our practical and individualised approach enhances life rather than pushing some standard of ‘normal’.

Recovery focused support

What makes a ‘good life’ for one individual differs greatly to a ‘good life’ for another. Our aim is to enable clients to live a valued life, not controlled by mental health or defined by diagnosis.
This necessitates a proactive, preventative, and truly personalised approach. ‘Recovery’ should not be postponed until psychological health is ‘cured’ or ‘controlled’, working towards a better life should begin immediately. Rather than focus on what people believe is the ‘problem’, our approach is holistic and solution-focused. We explore who people are, who/what are important to them, how they understand their difficulties, and we concentrate on strengths, skills, resources, likes and dislikes, encouraging motivation and engagement.

Factors underlying mental health help drive intervention. Our recovery-focused assessment and care planning enables successful mental health management. Clients are helped to predict and manage challenges, and our Clinical Psychologist is available to help those with more complex needs. Families also receive support to understand loved ones needs, effectively support them and get their own needs met.

Without skilled staff, clients become isolated and misunderstood, increasing distress and undesirable behaviours. Allocating the right staff promotes effective, outcome-focused care, and speeds recovery/independence. We recognise that clients are not a homogenous group and have specific needs only truly met by certain staff.