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Learning disability

Providing support and development to our clients

We help our clients to live the life they want by strengthening the voice of the person and those who know them best. By including the client in the decision of their care we are able to encourage them to participate and have a role in their community, and support the development and maintenance of relationships.

Often people with a learning disability have a history of isolation, loss and a lack of control over their lives. Barriers exist to accessing health, education and a social life. These include stigma, stereotyping, discrimination, lack of understanding, language difficulties and physical disability.

We actively combat the negative language and practice that often accompanies the care of vulnerable people. We aid understanding, re-frame difficulties, explore people’s feelings, concerns and abilities, and act as an advocate.

Rather than focus on what people believe is the ‘problem’, we take a holistic approach to caring for the individual. We take time to find out who people are as well as who is important to them, and we concentrate on their strengths, skills, likes and dislikes.