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How we helped Ben, a young adult with complex needs, through a transition to adult services

16th May 2016

The referral

Social services had a client whose care had broken down. He was 17 years old, had an ABI and complex needs. They needed a service able to provide support and cater for the transition to adult services.

Our approach

Within seven days we were providing support with a structured and individually tailored plan. Our person-centred approach enabled us to allocate staff with the knowledge and skills to compliment the client’s needs.
With open communication, regular supervision, comprehensive training and team work, we were able to continue to understand the clients’ needs and his resulting behaviour. This enabled successful implementation of the rehabilitation and support plan.

“Life was intolerable, things were desperate, care agencies couldn’t cope with my son. I had to have unpaid leave from the job I had only just started.

I was scared to be alone with my son, yet I had no choice, he was physically and verbally aggressive. Police, mental health and social services passed him around like a hot potato and it was just me left to cope. In walked VP Complex Care, finally I felt I could take a step back. The best thing was, I felt safe!

With very fair and firm boundaries their team of staff gradually won my son’s trust and worked with him on his behaviours. Life became tolerable, my relationship with my son improved, he became largely pleasant. He had fun with the team; they remained constant, but firm of purpose. For the first time ever, he had respect for others.

I have lived with our team of 3 for the past 6 months; they worked with my son, seeing him into his new placement enabling a smooth transition, even giving a final handover to his new support team. In many ways, it has been really sad to see the team go, although I know their job is done, it is the first time ever my son has left a successful placement.

The VP Complex Care team have literally changed all our lives. They were easy to live with, good to be around and I cannot thank them enough”.

Jane – Client’s mother

A view from our care worker

“With support from the team in the office we implemented an appropriate, effective and pro-active support plan, providing a consistent and engaging structure for the client. Within 6 months, he was able to move into his new placement which gave him a great chance of a more independent future.”

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