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The 12 Days of VP Christmas part 1

15th December 2016

On the first day of Christmas a Case Manager sent to VP, A Client with staffing needs. 

For us here at VP, our story very much like the song for the 12 days of Christmas, begins and ends with the same one important element.  Whilst the song starts with a partridge, for VP it is our clients that are always the first and last thing we think about.  Support from VP is truly centred on our clients, so we treat people as individuals with unique needs, values and aspirations. Helping them live a fulfilling and functional life, whilst ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

We currently provide care for clients & families with:

  • Across life span care need.
  • Acquired brain injuries
  • Mental health difficulties
  • Physical disabilities
  • Learning disabilities
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Progressive neurological illnesses
  • Lifelong neurological conditions
  • Complex needs, inc. forensic

On the Second day of Christmas we welcome to VP, clients with families. 

For many, turtle doves can mean very different things. Often associated with relationships, faithfulness, sacrifice and as a representation of the old and new testament.

With our clients, many have important family members, partners and children around them. It is our responsibility to make sure that we are work inclusively with them to ensure that we are truly meeting the needs of our clients.

The family has been the client’s support before we step in to help, often sacrificing their own time and dreams to ensure their loved one is cared for. Therefore, during our initial assessment and the provision of support, we will consistently refer to clients’ family members and other key people. These people help improve our understanding of our role and the goals of our clients.

When our staff come into a client’s life they are representing VP and we hope they will come to be an extended family. They learn what the clients loves, needs, wants from their life. Maintain faithful to the dedication & love they received from their family & key people before we arrived.

Client and family are inseparable, very much like 2 turtle doves.

On the third day of Christmas we provide here at VP, staff with positivity.

The three French hens are widely accepted as a representation of faith, hope and love.  As we are all aware, individuals with Brain injuries can experience great changes in their abilities and everyday life. Hence, those injured often find it difficult to adjust, resulting in their perspective and experience to feel very negative.  Part of our role with our clients is to maintain their positivity and to encourage clients to engage with their rehabilitation process.

Often our clients want to be whom and do what they used to do. Our support workers understand that no matter how frustrated or perhaps complex a client can get – it is often nothing to do with them. It is about the client’s circumstances. We aim for our support workers to be a positive, hopeful force who bring out the best in our clients. Consequently, helping them to see what they can do, how they can improve and adapt throughout the entire rehabilitation.  We take the time to understand what approach our clients want us to take with their support. Next, we adapt our staff’s support techniques and management styles. Thus, helping to empower and encourage our clients to be independent.

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