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The 12 days of VP Christmas part 2

20th December 2016

On the fourth day of Christmas we support our clients to, express their views.

The fourth day of Christmas refers to four calling birds and reminds us of the responsibility we have for our client’s voice to be heard.

Often there are many people involved in creating a care package and with so many voices, the client’s can be over-powered or lost. When they are not heard, we are not providing the support they need. Unsurprisingly it can be very intimidating for many clients to speak up for themselves, especially when surrounded by many louder voices.  As such, we have a responsibility to ensure that our clients have others speaking up for them.

Why our clients choose us:

  • Independence and being listened to
  • Provide the care they want, by whom they like
  • Work on developing/regaining skills
  • Person-centred approach
  • Safe, knowledgeable and experienced staff
  • Focus on wellbeing and best functional outcome
  • Support and rehabilitation, not ‘management’

On the fifth day of Christmas we help our clients, adjust to relationship breakdowns.

Golden rings are a clear representation of love, commitment and strong bonds that we have with our spouses.  After Brain injury many relationships continue to thrive, however for others, changes in mood, personality and behaviour can often see relationships come to an unfortunate end.  Brain injuries do not have a solitary impact on our clients.  They impact husbands, wives, children, mothers, fathers, friends and much more.  It is important to recognise that this can be an extremely traumatic and emotional event for those that we support.  Our clients require someone to listen to them and provide emotional support. It is also important that we support the entire families adjustment.

Remember that if you are a family member of someone who has experienced a brain injury that you must take care of yourself;

  • Access the support you need to make the necessary adjustments to what has happened
  • Talk to friends and family to offload your concerns to the supportive network around you
  • Seek advice if you think that something is not right
  • Talk to you employer to make sure you have all the adjustments you need at work.

Although our clients are extremely important to us, we also want to make sure that their family is effectively supported.

On the sixth day of Christmas we must admit to thee, things take time.

Perhaps you do not realise that the “six Geese are laying”, is a representation of the six days of creation.  We must recognise that a settled support package will not be created in 6 days, no matter how much we hope that this will be the case. Our Manager, Samantha Harper, regularly reminds our team of reality saying “Rome was not built in a day, a support package will not settle in a week”.

For many clients with brain injuries, their families and friends a settled package is all they want. However, to get everything right within the first week is not realistic. This can be a difficult realisation to admit and accept. Throughout creating a care package, we always endeavour to improve how we work for the benefit of our individual clients.  We like to work alongside our clients and their families and friends to learn from each other and get a better understanding of how we can settle a support package in order to take this from short-term to long-term support.

On the seventh day of Christmas VP will promote, empowering our clients. 

The seven swans are swimming, whilst looking very elegant as they glide over the water.  We all know that the swan’s feet are moving frantically to move in the right direction.

Very much like our clients who on the outside may appear to be calm and fully understand the world around them.  However, there are hidden complexities and on the inside they may be confused, frightened and anxious.  We must look below the surface to find out how our clients feel, think and process the world around them.

Many of us are very much aware of how easy it is to hide our true feelings.  Join this together with having the inability to express to others how you actually feel and only then do you understand how alarming this can be. We know it is not as easy as 1, 2, 3 for some of our complex clients to express their thoughts and feelings, but we encourage them to take control so they feel confident and talk only when they want to talk.





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