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The 12 days of VP Christmas Part 3

23rd December 2016

On the eighth day of Christmas we must provide to thee, a little optimism.  

Imagine being fiercely independent, walking to work after leaving a safe family home for the last day of work before Christmas, living and loving life. During that walk you are hurt in a road traffic accident, taken to hospital and receive intensive treatment for your physical injuries. When you return home you are seen as physically fit, however your family starts to see changes in your behaviour. You shout more, you are more emotional, you even become physically aggressive. You are less able to deal with the demands of work, planning any sort of routine and now someone has told you that you have a brain injury. How is it even possible to see the positives in this?

The eighth day of Christmas is said to relate to blessings. Whilst it can be very difficult for anyone to be able to emotionally recover and see life as a blessing, here at VP we never give up the hope that we could help a client to see the positives in their lives. Although our clients may struggle to adapt to their life post-accident or diagnosis we train our staff to encourage clients to look at the positives and think about what it is they can do, not what they cannot do. Each individual is responsible for their own thoughts, and these thoughts impact our overall outlook on life, therefore it is a choice. A choice to think positively, or a choice to think negatively. Whatever our clients chose, we respect, but we have a view to help them to change this and think optimistically in order to help to gain the most out of life, providing them with a high standard of care.

On the ninth day of Christmas we promote the staff of VP, with decent qualities.

The Ninth day of Christmas is associated with love, enjoyment, peace, perseverance, empathy, morals, authenticity, gentleness and discipline. To care for another person is not a job that many can do well. There are qualities that you only ever find in the health and social care sector.

Providing exceptional healthcare is at the heart of our company and this requires our staff to have the qualities required to effectively support the vulnerable members of our community in the way that they deserve.   We offer our staff training to build on their skills and knowledge, giving them opportunity to grow as an individual and excel within their role, whether this is as a carer, support worker, personal assistant, mentor or befriender. We recognise that certain skill sets are required to fulfil each role and not all the skills required can be learnt, as you either have it or you don’t.

On the tenth day of Christmas during the inspections of VP, we are rated good by the CQC.

The 10 leaping lords is said to represent the 10 commandments. In health and social care the regulations that we follow are given to us by the CQC for which we have attained a consistently good registration record. However, we recognise we should be constantly striving to achieve more and achieve better. Within the healthcare sector the rules and legislations that we as a provider have to abide by to, ensure we provide a good quality service that meets our client’s needs. We are regulated by various external agencies to monitor us on different levels, including whether we are a Safe service, whether we are Caring, whether we are Responsive to our client’s needs, whether the support we provide is Effective and whether we are a Well-led service.

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On the eleventh day of Christmas for our clients unfortunately, it can get a little lonely.

The eleventh day of Christmas represents the friendships and loyalty of those around us. Although many of us can certainly say that having a disability would not stop us from remaining friends with someone.  We unfortunately find that many of clients become isolated as a result of their disability. We have a to encourage community integration and socialisation to help our clients to remain an active part of their local community. Often people with a disability have a history of isolation, loss and a lack of control over their lives. Barriers exist to accessing health, education and a social life. These include stigma, stereotyping, discrimination, lack of understanding, language difficulties and physical disability.

We actively combat the negative language and practice that often accompanies the care of vulnerable people. We aid understanding, re-frame difficulties, explore people’s feelings, concerns and abilities, and act as an advocate.

On the twelfth day of Christmas you are wished a very merry Christmas from VP.

We hope that you have enjoyed following the 12 days of VP Christmas. We have tried to show you all the things that matter to us and the support we provide to our clients. So for the final day we simply want you to know…….. We hope your Christmas is filled with joy and that you are able to reflect on what matters most to you.


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